Video of The Story of Gomer now on Vimeo

The Story of Gomer from Rich Campbell on Vimeo.   Live performance of The Story of Gomer, written and portrayed by Geri Campbell of Back to His Heart Ministries. Like an artist painting a picture, the show comes into focus scene by scene, and by the middle of the production, the audience is completely drawn... Continue Reading →

The Apron Wearing Servant

The following words were written seven years ago during my first year of working at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.  They remained true the entire time I worked there, eight years in total.  Of all that I learned, this was, and still is, the hardest lesson. Of all the blogs I have written, it... Continue Reading →

Harper Lee and Me

Who wouldn't want a year of writing?  Nothing but writing.  Quit your day job and just write.  For many of us, quitting our day job and writing full time is just a dream, but for Harper Lee, it became a reality.  In December of 1956, Harper Lee's friends gave her a year of writing as... Continue Reading →

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