The Day I Almost Killed My Child

Mother’s Day, 2000 My hands trembled as I opened the home pregnancy test.  My mom’s flight back to NY left in a few hours, so we had to leave for the airport soon.  According to the instructions on the test, it was a little early to get accurate results, but I had to try.  The... Continue Reading →

Interview on the Oppermom Podcast

Do you wonder if God still loves you? Has your heart been wounded by a wayward spouse? Do you have a child who stepped away from the faith they were raised in? Has God been stirring your heart to share your testimony? Heard about the story of Gomer and Hosea recently and wonder what on... Continue Reading →

The True Story of God’s Provision

  “I didn’t even know they made car loans for this long.  72 months?  What’s that, like, six years?”  I sat there, staring at my husband, a knot in my stomach, feeling the heat rise in my face.  “The van will be over ten years old by the time we are done paying on it.”... Continue Reading →

A Daughter’s Prayer

I will be speaking at Covington Eastside Church of the Nazarene for their Mother's Day banquet on Saturday May 7th.  Back in my Nashville days, I co-wrote a song as a tribute to my mother Christine. The song, called A Daughter's Prayer, got a bit of airplay back in my hometown of Syracuse, NY. Written long before I became a mother, I... Continue Reading →

Philip’s Basket Skit

Thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite skits called Phillip's Basket (As taken from the four Gospels) By Geraldine Campbell Characters:  1 man, approx 40 yrs old or older (Adjust years mentioned in skit to fit age of actor) Theme:  Stepping out in faith, trusting Jesus, God’s calling on our lives... Continue Reading →

Return to Valley Forge

“Jesus wants to rewrite the end of your story.” My pastor spoke about the woman at the well this past Sunday, and he explained how this sinful woman had an intimate and life changing encounter with Jesus Christ, which in turn changed her life story.  When I heard him say, “Jesus wants to rewrite the... Continue Reading →

Video of The Story of Gomer now on Vimeo

The Story of Gomer from Rich Campbell on Vimeo.   Live performance of The Story of Gomer, written and portrayed by Geri Campbell of Back to His Heart Ministries. Like an artist painting a picture, the show comes into focus scene by scene, and by the middle of the production, the audience is completely drawn... Continue Reading →

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