Are you a daisy?

I have always been attracted to daisies.  Don't get me wrong, roses and violets and such are nice too, but there is something in me that does not connect to flowers that need constant attention and pampering in order to bloom and grow. As I rebuild my ministry in this season of my life, a... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus Enough?

Change is never easy.  My life has changed so much over the past two and a half years, I hardly recognize myself.  For over a decade, I traveled the country with my one woman show called The Story of Gomer.  Gomer was my life, my passion, and my identity.  One night at a sold out... Continue Reading →

Horizons of Gold

The past two years have brought many changes and challenges.  I have not posted anything, or done a show since last August.  The truth is, I have not been active with my ministry Back To His Heart because I have not felt anywhere near to God's heart lately. As some of you know, my family has... Continue Reading →

Prison Ministry, a gift from God.

We were very blessed to be able to present The Story of Gomer at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women in Louisville, KY.  It has been several years since I brought the show to a prison, mostly because I have been way too caught up in paying gigs. A couple of months ago, I did... Continue Reading →

The Day I Almost Killed My Child

Mother’s Day, 2000 My hands trembled as I opened the home pregnancy test.  My mom’s flight back to NY left in a few hours, so we had to leave for the airport soon.  According to the instructions on the test, it was a little early to get accurate results, but I had to try.  The... Continue Reading →

Interview on the Oppermom Podcast

Do you wonder if God still loves you? Has your heart been wounded by a wayward spouse? Do you have a child who stepped away from the faith they were raised in? Has God been stirring your heart to share your testimony? Heard about the story of Gomer and Hosea recently and wonder what on... Continue Reading →

The True Story of God’s Provision

  “I didn’t even know they made car loans for this long.  72 months?  What’s that, like, six years?”  I sat there, staring at my husband, a knot in my stomach, feeling the heat rise in my face.  “The van will be over ten years old by the time we are done paying on it.”... Continue Reading →

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